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Herve gautier

About Hervé Gautier

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”

Elliot Erwitt

The sentence above, says more about me than the following description will do; I am a photographer born in Saint Jean de Luz, and based in San Sebastian.

Once graduated in advertising and public relations, I decided to lead my professional career to the photography; This way, in 2005 the photography emerged as the perfect combination with advertising activities and the coverage of motor sports; my other passion.

Over the years, I have gained expertise in different areas, such as arts, jewelry, fashion and landscapes. In 2012 we launched the photo store PicturingPhoto as a bridge to reach our clients.

You can find me in PictuStudio, always ready and willing to bring you an integrated photography service.

Phone number: +34 686 55 68 55

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